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What is Armed Kidnapping?

According to Florida Criminal Statute §787.01, The term “kidnapping” means forcibly, secretly, or by threat confining, abducting, or imprisoning another person against her or his will and without lawful authority, with intent to hold for ransom or reward or as a shield or hostage, commit or facilitate commission of any felony, inflict bodily harm upon or to terrorize the victim or another person, or Interfere with the performance of any governmental or political function.

The Florida Statutes also include provisions relating to confinement of a child under the age of 13 is against her or his will within the meaning of this subsection if such confinement is without the consent of her or his parent or legal guardian.

Armed kidnapping and capital crime kidnapping crimes are also addressed under Florida Statutes. Contact our office for additional kidnapping information by calling 863.937.9100.

Maximum Armed Kidnapping Conviction Penalty

A person who commits armed kidnapping may be guilty of a felony of the first degree, punishable by up to life imprisonment.

If the armed kidnapping causes the death of the kidnapping victim then the charges may be that of a capital crime that may include the death penalty.

Burden of Proof for an Armed Kidnapping Conviction

In order for the prosecution to obtain a conviction for armed kidnapping the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a deadly weapon or firearm was used in the commission of forcibly, secretly, or by threat confining, abducting, or imprisoning another person against her or his will and without lawful authority, in addition to other requirements under Florida Statute §787.01.

It is not uncommon for an exaggerated or false claim to be made against an individual who is charged with kidnapping or armed kidnapping. Often times the accusation is associated with a disagreement or heated argument. Your attorney will make every effort using every available legal resource to to prove the claims to be false and prove your innocence. This includes claims that a deadly weapon or firearm was used during the commission of an alleged kidnapping. It is not unheard of that one who makes false or misleading claims of kidnapping against another to also claim a gun or other deadly weapon was used, only to find out that a deadly weapon or firearm was not involved or even present at the time of the alleged incident.

For more information regarding the burden of proof relating to armed kidnapping charges and potential defense strategies that may be available to you, contact our office by calling 863.937.9100.

If a dismissal of your armed kidnapping charge is not possible, we will ensure you are fully aware of your legal options going forward such negotiating for a plea deal, or in the case of a trial ensure you are fully aware of every aspect regarding defense strategies that may best serve in the defense of the charges against you.

Each armed kidnapping defense attorney, lawyer, and staff member in our law firm are ready to assist you in even the most difficult of legal challenges you may be facing. We will aggressively represent your legal needs, interests, and goals regarding your criminal armed kidnapping issues, as well as other misdemeanor and felony criminal defense related legal issues.

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