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What is a Divorce and Family Law Enforcement Action?

A divorce and family law enforcement action is a legal process of officially documenting with the court the failure of an individual to comply with a standing court order, and to seek the court’s assistance to take action that will ensure compliance.

Enforcement actions often include, but are not limited to:

  • Paternity Enforcement Action;

  • Child Support Enforcement Action;

  • Alimony (spousal support) Enforcement Action;

  • Timesharing (visitation) Enforcement Action; and

  • Postnuptial Agreement Enforcement Action;

Failure to comply with a court order could result in a court mandated modification of a standing court order, mandatory wage garnishments, temporary or permanent reduction or forfeiture of parental rights, and in some cases could result in criminal charges.

What does the Court Generally Consider in Divorce and Family Law Enforcement Action Cases?

When considering divorce and family law enforcement actions the court will:

  • Determine if the failure to comply with a standing family law court order has indeed occurred;

  • Determine if noncompliance has been a single or repeat occurrence;

  • Determine if the noncompliance is deemed to be intentional;

  • Determine if a viable unforeseen hardship has occurred since the original court order had been executed, thus preventing compliance as indicated in the standing court order;

  • Determine if circumstances warrant a modification of the standing court order should be issued;

  • Determine if further legal action should be ordered to ensure compliance;

  • Determine if any form of restrictions and/or punishment is warranted for failure to comply with a standing divorce or family law court order.

What is your Enforcement Action Attorney’s Role in your Case?

The family law attorney, lawyer, or law firm you choose to represent you in enforcement action matters will ensure your voice is heard in any related hearings.

Your attorney will:

  • Present your argument for or against the enforcement action;

  • Present the facts and/or special conditions that directly affect the compliance or noncompliance of the standing court order

  • Represent your legal rights in an effort to ensure your rights are protected regarding enforcement action hearings and court rulings;

  • And if the enforcement action involves minor children, protect your parental rights as well.

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