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What is a Last Will and Testament?

A Last Will and Testament refers to the latest current legal draft of an individual’s Will. The Last Will and Testament legally drafted and approved by an individual prior to his or her death nullifies all the previous drafts in order to be recognized as the Will that should be executed in the event of death.

A Will is a legal document that provides an individual the ability to make his or her wishes known regarding the distribution of one’s estate in the event of death. The reference to a Testament is more symbolic than anything. It is generally considered the part of the will that involve commentary, often personal in nature, directed to those who have been included in the Will.

About a Last Will and Testament?

Since a Last Will and Testament provides an individual the ability to make his or her wishes known regarding property, assets, and other estate related issues, the legal document can be as simple or detailed as necessary.

A Last Will and Testament often includes, but is not limited to:

  • Your wishes concerning guardianship of your minor children or mentally / physically incapacitated dependents after your death;
  • The distribution of assets such as your home, your land, and other property;
  • Distribution of your motor vehicles, recreational vehicles and other possessions;
  • Distribution of proceeds of certain life insurance policies;
  • Distribution of your estate Furniture, boats, and other property of value;
  • Distribution of your investment portfolio, and shares of stock;
  • Distribution of Retirement accounts;
  • Distribution of your jewelry, artwork, and so on.

There are certain formalities required by the state for a will to be valid.  In addition, the specific language used can greatly impact the manner in which the estate will be administered.  For these reasons,  we strongly discourage the use of “do it yourself” wills that are commonly found on the internet.

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