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What is a Marital Settlement?

A Marriage Settlement is the finalization of negotiations in which both parties have amicably resolved all divorce related issues prior to scheduled court hearings relating to the divorce. Depending on the unique circumstances relating to your divorce marital agreements may often involve, but may not be limited to:

  • Division of Marital Property and Assets;

  • Child Custody, Visitation, Parenting Plan, Timesharing;

  • Child Support;

  • Alimony (spousal support);

  • Minor Child Relocation due to a geographic move by the parent who minor children will reside;

  • Post-Nuptial Agreement;

  • Contested Pre-Nuptial Agreements;

  • or other divorce related issues.

Being able to successfully resolve divorce related issues prior to relevant hearings is extremely beneficial financially, and when children are involved, may be helpful in providing an easier transition during what is often a traumatic time for minor children.

What does the Court Generally Consider in Marital Settlement Cases?

Even though you and your spouse may reach a marital settlement prior to scheduled court hearings, the court must still approve the marriage settlement prior to making the settlement a standing family law court order. The court will ensure both parties agree to the stipulations, provisions, and limitations of the marital agreement. If the court is satisfied by the agreement reached by both partied, the marriage settlement may then become a standing court order.

Marriage settlements that are not approved by the court may later be deemed unenforceable if either party chooses not to adhere to the marriage agreement at a later date.

What is your Marital Settlement Attorney’s Role in your Case?

Negotiation. That is the key. Your marriage settlement attorney will seek to successfully assist you in negotiating all issues that relate to an impending divorce. If any areas are not resolved, than a true marriage settlement is not reached… thus having the court hear arguments and rule on any remaining divorce related issues.

For this reason it is important for your attorney to calmly negotiate for your demands while also tying to limit the frustration of the other party which could lead to delays, a harder stand on certain issues, cost you more money to accomplish your marriage settlement goals, or even have unresolved choices taken out of your hands by the court.

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