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What is a Paternity Action?

Paternity actions involve a scientific method used to determine who a minor child’s paternal (biological) father is.

Paternity actions may involve:

  • A mother who is requesting the court to order a male to submit to a paternity test in an effort to legally establish paternity.

  • A male who is disputing paternity of a minor child;

  • A male who has reason to believe a minor child is in fact his biological offspring;

  • Grandparents or other blood relatives of the child in the event the assumed biological father has passed away.

Paternity tests are important for various reasons such as:

  • Establishing the paternity of a biological father;

  • Excluding an assumed biological father, and any legal responsibility of a male regarding the minor child or children that are involved.

  • Child support issues;

  • Medical history of the bloodline of the minor child, including potential health risk the minor child may be subjected to relating to a family medical history.

What Does the Court Consider in Minor Child Paternity Action Cases?

In paternity action requests, the court will hear arguments by both the mother or any male in question. Based upon the arguments presented the court will either rule in favor of a paternity test to be taken or rule that there is not sufficient facts to support a court ordered paternity test. Having said that, in any issue regarding minor children the court will rule in favor for what is in the best interest of the minor child (or children). If the court rules in favor of a paternity test, failure to adhere to the court order is a violation of law and the offender may potentially face criminal charges.

What is your Paternity Action Attorney’s Role in your Case?

The paternity action attorney, lawyer, or law firm you choose to represent you in paternity action matters will ensure your voice is heard in any related hearings. Your attorney will present your argument for or against the paternity action, and if a court order is issued for a paternity test to be conducted, your attorney will follow through to make sure the court order is adhered to.

In the case of marriage, the assumed father is by law automatically assumed to legally be the biological father unless known circumstances indicating otherwise are established. Therefore paternity actions may be just as important for both mothers and assumed fathers.

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