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What is a Temporary Support?

Temporary support is money to be paid from one spouse to another between the period of separation and the divorce becoming final. This money may relate to issues such as child support, alimony, and even housing issues in the case of the spouses no longer living together while going through the divorce process.

Temporary support may be worked out amicably or be ordered in a temporary support hearing. Regardless if the temporary support is negotiated outside of a court hearing or not, in order for both parties to ensure the adherence under the law, the court must approve the temporary support as a standing court order.

What the Court Generally Considers in Temporary Support Cases?

The court will ensure that each issue raised regarding the temporary support is warranted, does not put the one paying temporary support in undue financial hardship, and when children are involved, that the best interest of minor children are being served.

Being used to a particular lifestyle typically does not play a significant role or carry much weight with the court in temporary support orders. Often times the one seeking the support may try to use this as an argument to support the amount of temporary support to be granted. The court will often have divorce settlements address what one party may consider excessive and unnecessary support issues. Temporary support is just what it implies… temporary. It is intended to get the one requesting support financially through the process of the divorce, which is where all issues must be resolved prior to a divorce becoming legally finalized.

What is your Temporary Support Attorney’s Role in your Case?

Your attorney will assist you in negotiating a fair and reasonable amount of temporary support. I f an amicable resolution as to the amount and issues relating to temporary support cannot be reached outside of the court, your attorney will present your arguments for establishing the amount of temporary support that should be paid while your divorce is pending.

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