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What is a Minor Child Timesharing?

Time sharing is a relatively new term that has replace the term Visitation in the Florida Statutes. The term Timesharing also coincides with the term Child Custody being replace under Florida law with the term Parenting plan. Florida is one of the few states that have currently made these changes in terms regarding minor child related issues.

In the case of divorce or separation minor children are lawfully deemed to primarily reside with a particular parent. In some cases where multiple children are involved, both parents may end up having minor children primarily reside with one parent over the other.

Timesharing is a court order that stipulates the conditions, limitations, restrictions, and responsibilities for both parents regarding the time children will spend with each parent.

What the Court Generally Considers in Minor Child Timesharing Cases?

The primary concern for the court is what is in the best interest of a minor child (or children). When it comes to a parenting plan the court will often rule in favor for such a plan that provides for minor children to continue to have an active relationship with both parents.

Within that parenting plan, timesharing (visitation) rights are established with the best interest of minor children in mind.

An exception to this rule is if there are extenuating circumstances that would present a danger or is unfit for the well being of a child, such as if the following allegations can be proven to the court regarding a parent:

  • Drug or alcohol abuse;

  • A parent living in an unsafe environment for children;

  • Sexual Abuse;

  • Physical or mental abuse;

  • Child endangerment;

  • Or certain forms of criminal behavior.

Under some of these situation timesharing may be either prohibited or ordered to be supervised visits.

What is your Minor Child Timesharing Attorney’s Role in your Case?

Your attorney will ensure your legal rights are protected and that your arguments are presented to the court in both Parenting Plan (child custody) hearings, as well as Timesharing (visitation) hearings. If there are allegations of misconduct that are raised by you or your spouse, your attorney will assist you in hearing regarding allegations that may affect the outcome of your parenting plan and timesharing hearings.

It is important to understand that if a claim of misconduct is made against a parent that is deemed by the court as being untrue, the claim of misconduct is often viewed a false allegation and could result in the court reacting in an unfavorable manner toward the parent who made the false claim of misconduct. It will often be considered an act of attempting to deceive the court in an effort to gain favor in legal proceedings, and to discredit the other parent.

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